HSAS: Brief Description of School

Our school emphasizes the study of American history and offers students an academic program that is both well-rounded and challenging. Our goal is to prepare students for admission to highly competitive colleges and for a wide range of careers in politics, law, journalism, business, science, mathematics, and the arts.

All students engage in a three-year chronological study of American History. Our aim is to make history come alive through the use of primary source documents, films, biographies, literature, and creative teaching techniques. Supported by the Gilder-Lehrman Institute, students gain first-hand knowledge of the key events in American history through trips to sites and cities of historic importance and through participation in special seminars with guest speakers. We also offer honors-level, Advanced Placement, and elective courses in mathematics, science, constitutional and criminal law, literature, film, foreign languages, history, and the arts. A special component of our program focuses on the development of college-level research skills and methodologies, and students are therefore supported by school and college faculty in the process of pursuing individualized research projects. Through our collaboration with Lehman College, students have access to its campus library and athletic facilities, and take credit-bearing college classes and seminars in their junior and senior years. After school, students may participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and PSAL sports.

In all of our endeavors, we seek to encourage in our students a love for learning and an inquisitive spirit.



The buzz on HSAS

Since it's inception in 2002, HSAS has received recognition from various quarters for it's rigorous academic program, and supportive learning environment. For the past several years, HSAS has been ranked by US News and World Report among the top fifty schools in the nation. In 2012 , our school was ranked #42. In 2006, our school was ranked the most outstanding high school in New York City by Manhattan Media's Blackboard Awards. We have also been positively reviewed by Inside Schools. a project of the Advocates for Children of New York.

You can also view our profile in the NYC Department of Education Website.

Finally, if you haven't done so already, view our promotional film on HSAS, created by student Corey Sherman. (QuickTime format)

"Our school is the best one in the   Milky Way."
     -Dr. Benmoussa, former teacher of        Physics   and Astronomy at HSAS

"We are like one big family here."

"My first day here as a ninth grader   was actually a good experience."

"This school gives you the   foundation   and background to   understand what   is going on in the   world today."
      - Mr. Mansdorf, teacher of         American History and Global         Studies


"Everyone gets along with   everybody.   Everyone knows who   everyone is."

"I have never taught in a more diverse   school than HSAS."
        -Ms. Wong, teacher of English

"You can talk to your teachers on the   same level as you can talk to   anyone   else."  

"I love History, but the fact that    every other program in HSAS is top    notch,   makes this a truly great    school."