HSAS: Academics

Foreign Language

Students are required to complete three years of study in a foreign language. The aim is to develop students’ skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students are also introduced to culture and civilization through the use of relevant literature, films, music, newspapers, and periodicals.

Faculty: Ms. Elva Brandt, Ms. R. Campbell (maternity leave), Ms. Nisa Erickson. Ms. R. Genao

To view classes offered in the Languages, please consult our Course Catalogue.

View some poems created in Ms. Brandt's class in the winter of 2017 below!

Mi País


My country. My country is ugly. It's confusing.
My compatriots are argumentative.
No one agrees on anything.
And thus it is beautiful.
We are all different -
Different backgrounds, races
Religions, orientations, but
We are all Americans.
No matter how much hatred there is
We are all Americans.
Under the same flag,
We fight, we live, we love.
We are not bound by blood,
By origin, or by geography.
We are bound by our values,
And our love of freedom.
If you value freedom,
You are my countryman.
My country is ugly. My country is confusing.
So I love my country.

Amo el mundo

La escuela

Primavera ya Está Aquí

A field of flowers
roses in bloom
petals falling on
the cold of winter that melts
blows away in the wind
clouds disappearing
the sky's colored with pastels

"La Guerra de Pandillas"

"Gang War"