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Scholarships are available directly from colleges, and other philanthropic sources. Most offer annual applications, so this information is important to be familiar with. It is beneficial to begin thnking about paying for college early in high school. Some scholarships are available to underclassmen, while others are available only to high school seniors and those currently in college.

Below is a comprehensive list of many available scholarships - categorized by deadline month, college name, and other special interest areasAlso, below are tools to help understand how to pay for college.

Please use this resource and enjoy the journey!


Scholarships arranged by Deadline Month

January February March
April May through August September
October November December


Other Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships Offered by Individual Colleges (link not active yet)

Comprehensive Scholarship List from NYC Board of Education

College Funding Information and Tools

Federal Student Aid Guide : US Government Resource for financial aid

FAFSA : Students may file FAFSA on January 1 prior to the September they will begin college

CSS/Financial Aid Profile : This profile is an oline application that collects information used by certain colleges and scholarship programs to award institutional aid funds. This may be filed on October 1 prior to the September the student will begin college.

Simple Tuition.com is an in-depth web site explaining tuition terminology and available types and kinds of loans.

Financial Aid Scam: Scholarship search services and financial aid advice services are common these days. Unfortunately, too many of these for-profit companies charge high rates to provide information that can be found elsewhere for free. Here is the link to the US Government’s Office of Inspector General’s Scholarship Scam Site

The Project on Student Debt: An initiative of the Institute for College Access and Success, dedicated to making college more available and affordable. Included is a glossary of financial aid terms and advice for borrowers. There are direct links to colleges with financial aid policies.

The Project on Student Debt: provides information on financial planning and college.

Learn about Federal Loans that are available