The High School of American Studies at Lehman College


HSAS: The Speak Easy

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Our school is teeming with creative minds just waiting to be unleashed, whether within the flowing words of a freelanced poem or within the many perspectives of a single, thoughtful, black and white sketch. We, as the students of HSAS, may find it hard to allow ourselves to share more personal pieces with the public, and instead use whatever talents we harbor to make more intimate bonds within the circles we find in the school. The Speakeasy, representing our school's expressions in a Literary Magazine as diverse and complex as us, offers the chance to make a name for ourselves within our hallway in an entirely new sense. It's up to you guys to make the most of the opportunity to add allure to your name in HSAS, have it associated with something stunning only you produced.

The Speakeasy is a magazine in which HSAS are the sole contributors. Speak to Artur Kalandarov, Greta Schatz, or Matt Varga about contributing, and we'd be more than happy to have you involved, or email The Speakeasy.

Encourage friends you know with shy talents to express themselves, appeal to a primal desire of fame, do whatever you have to. Know that the Speakeasy could be a work of beauty, if we make it so