Faculty Emeritus

2018 - 2021

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Now teaching in Westchester County

Ms. Emma Asanza

Officer Castro was a much loved member of the HSAS community.  While we don’t yet have any memorial posted in his honor, we hope that we can soon properly convey how much we valued and respected Officer Castro.

Mr. Ulices Castro

Now teaching in Queens


Ms. Camille Eterno

A much-loved teacher that will be missed by the HSAS community.  A loving on-line tribute  has been set up in honor of Mr. Murphy.


Denis Murphy

Mr. Francesco Sacchini

This BX teacher is now giving farming a try in the DAKS

Mr. Anthony Thoman

2014 - 2017

Legendary Baseball Coach

Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Howard Blitz

Now teaching in  Westchester

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Elva Brandt

Left HSAS to focus on Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys!

Front Office

Ms. Tani Cope

Now teaching Spanish in upstate New York.

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Nisa Erikson

Left HSAS to teach in Brooklyn

Math Teacher

Ms. Emily Gorman

Now teaching in Rochester, NY

Biology Teacher

Ms. Raj Kumaraswammy

Helped fill a vacancy for a year

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Rendon

Mr. Silva is now pursuing a Business career

Teacher of Spanish and Music

Mr. Sebastion Silva

Left HSAS to be a Counselor at Clinton HS

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Beth Wise

2010 - 2013

Mr. Baker has returned to his home base of San Diego.

Math Teacher

Mr. Thomas Baker

Front Office since the beginning. Retirement in Puerto Rico beckons!

Front Office

Ms. Susan Garcia

Now teaching Math at Brooklyn Tech

Math Teacher

Mr. Amos Levy 

Working with the visually impaired in another school

Pupil Personnel

Mr. Yusef Mohammed

Coach of the Girl’s Basketball Team
Another one of our faculty that has chosen to enter the Medical field!
Update:  2018:  to be addressed as DR. Palatulan

Biology Teacher

Mr. Eugene Palatulan

Moved on to LaGuardia High School

Guidance Counselor

Dr. Sunny Park Suh

2006 - 2009

Our Alaskan has returned to her home turf!

Math Teacher

Ms. Shauna Barber

Back in Morocco!

Physics Teacher

Dr. Adil Benmoussa

We look to forward to many visits!

Front Office

Ms. Zorarya Camillo

Teacher of English
Tolkienetic, spiritual adviser, and hat collector extraordinaire

English Teacher

Ms. Karen Cochin

Many years the AP Bio Teacher at Kennedy High School.
In Loving Memory of a dedicated and extraordinary teacher

Biology Teacher

Ms. Yvonne Fiorello

Coach of Boy’s Tennis team
Now practicing Law in Chicago

Spanish Teacher

Mr. Jacob Gilbert

Founder of the School. Served as the school’s first principal from 2002-2006.


Ms. Myra Luftman

From teaching Diagnosing Diseases at HSAS to a becoming a GPN!

Teacher of Biology

Mr. John Rockfeld

Our Technology Guy


Mr. Phil Rockfeld

Music and Band Teacher;
Founder of Music program at HSAS

Spanish Teacher

Mr. Armando Rodriguez

On to a new career … as a teacher!

Safety Officer

Ms. Tamara Valentin

Teacher of Spanish AND Italian 
Founder of Spanish Honor Society

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Dora Vilani

Teacher of Social Studies
Former Senior Advisor, Web Master, and trivia genius

Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Ben Wong