A Salute to Officer Castro

A “salute” is both a sign of respect and a way to honor someone who is important to us. Some think that the modern concept of saluting comes from the Romans or maybe from the manner in which medieval knights lifted their visors to acknowledge one another. Others feel that the salute may over time have taken the place of removing one’s cap in the presence of a superior officer. Whatever the origins, saluting is still a required tradition in the military and many police forces. And, when an officer has fallen, he or she is saluted by colleagues as a means of paying tribute to his or her service.

In order to show our respect for Officer Castro and honor his contributions to our school, we are requesting that students, parents, and teachers take a photo of themselves giving a salute. We will compile them into a tribute that will be presented to Officer Castro’s family and to his fellow officers at the college. Please submit your photo by Friday, May 5.

If you are wondering about how to execute a proper salute, here is an historical poster with instructions. Simply paste the following address into your browser: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/241435229998305330/.