The High School of American Studies offers a challenging curriculum with an emphasis on United States History and Politics. Students are also required to complete a full range of college preparatory courses in the arts, English, foreign languages, mathematics, the sciences, and health and physical education. All courses are taught at the honors or Advanced Placement level. For additional information on course registration and graduation requirements, please consult our Course Catalogue in the right column.

Eligible juniors and seniors may opt to take courses at Lehman College. This opportunity exposes students to “real” college life and helps them to develop college-level academic skills.

Tony Hiss

Tony Hiss, son of Alger Hiss spoke to American History students on his father’s experiences during the McCarthy era in 2015.

Gustavo Rivera

Gustavo Rivera is the new state Senator for our district. He paid a visit to Government classes in September of 2011 and answered student questions on issues currently of concern  READ MORE >