2021-22 PTA Executive Board and SLT Parent Members

Elections for your PTA of HSAS, for the school year 2021-2022, were held on June 15, 2021. Here are the final results:

PTA Executive Board
President – Nicole Rothschild
Vice President – Joanna Brody
Co-Recording Secretaries – Melanie Perlstein & Kellie Marquet
Co-Treasurers – Jorge Ramirez & Lucila Broide Slatopolsky
Co- Chairmen Fundraising – Niki Singh & Sophie Murray
Co-Communications Secretaries – Stephen Friedgood & Scott DiSavino
Members at Large –  Maria Kiriakova & Hanice Peña

School Leadership Team
Parent Members – to be determined

Class Parent Representatives
9th Grade – to be determined
10th Grade – to be determined
11th Grade – to be determined
12th Grade – to be determined

Thank you to everyone for coming out to vote and support the PTA!