And the Winner is....

Participatory Budgeting at HSAS:

Water Bottle Fillers for the drinking fountains!  48% of the students decided this is what the school needs the most.  Beating out bean bag chairs for the lobby, new LED lights, and other worthy ideas, students decided in a school-wide vote on April 5, that filtered water for their reusable water bottles was the way to go.

For those in the dark as to what this is all about, The DOE  made $2080 available to the students at HSAS to spend on something that would improve our school in some way. 12th graders in government class came up with six choices from which to pick.   Using the  bulletin board near 119, the hall monitor, this school web site, and social media, seniors did their best to educate the rest of the student body on the choices.

View the posters  below to get a better idea as to the choices students will vote on.

Videos made by students to promote these items are below: