Bowling Team Update

The bowling team is a co-ed PSAL varsity sport. The bowling season is during the fall, from the end of September to the first week of November. In 2016, the senators made the Playoffs, ending a streak of losing seasons. The team in 2017 has bounced back after the loss of key seniors and is looking good at the top of the division right now. Myles Model, Emily Eljamal, and Ava Grill-DuBois have been true leaders on the team and have pulled the team this season, along with the help of a group of new players. The team will need new members for the 2018 season, but that is a bridge we will have to cross when we get there.

                                          – Myles Model, Class of 2019, C0-Captain

Photo of Ava Grill-DuBois at Gun Hill Lanes