Career Day at HSAS

HSAS held its third annual Career Day on April 9.  This time around, the vast majority of the speakers were HSAS grads themselves.  Each session lasted about thirty minutes, allowing for a presentation, and a chance for students to ask questions.  Many thanks to our guests who were able to take time from their jobs to speak to our students.  Special thanks to Jonathan Halabi for putting this event together.

Featured below, left to right in each row:

1:  Hai Lin ’12: Physical Therapist;    Danielle Narov ’06: E Commerce;    Ryan Allison ’09:  Commercial Litigation

2. Elizabeth Adams ’06: Legislative Director in NYC City Council;    Eyal Shemesh, MD, parent: Pediatrics;    Michael Hamlett, Jr. ’08: Entrepreneur and founder of clothing line, The Bronx Brand

3. Afsana Rahman, MD ’09:  Internal Medicine;   Abdullah Riyadh ’08: Pharmacist;  Bella Rabininovich ’11:  Compost Coordinator,

4.  Lillian Rodriguez (Isabella) ’09:  Actress, Playwright, and Social Media Consultant;  David Moretti ’08:  Chemical Engineer;    Saskia Rueda ’11:  Nurse