HSAS Dominates in multiple Debate tournaments

Call the HSAS Debate Team butter, because we’re on a roll!

In the past month, HSAS has dominated in three debate tournaments. Starting in January, our debaters discussed the merits of US offensive cyber operations. Freshmen Alex Florescu and Darwin Bryen ranked third, and Divinia Ashley and Paz Rebolledo came in first place!   Charlotte Ritz-Jack and Stephen Dames came in fourth, while Lilli Duberstein and Peter Kotchev ranked eleventh.   Logan Grodsky came in first place and Rena Chen and Sam Ferrera came in second place – they all also received scholarships to the prestigious Coolidge Cup in Vermont!

Last weekend, HSAS also competed at the Columbia University Invitational, debating the efficacy of Venezuelan sanctions. Co-captains Zoe Markman and Scott Siegel competed in their last national tournament and finished with extremely high speaker points (29/30), while Sam and Rena finished with the best record for underclassmen at Columbia in HSAS history. Most importantly, Charlotte and Stephen ‘broke’ to an elimination round – the first HSAS team ever to do so at a national tournament!

Finally, HSAS swept the February local tournament, where we argued over universal basic income versus means-tested welfare. Logan ranked sixteenth, Charlotte and Stephen came in eighth place, Sam and Rena were second, and Zoe and Scott came in first in the city! That made HSAS the second-best overall school at the tournament!

Next month, the Debate Team will be competing at the City Championships, where our reigning city champions (Sam, Rena, and Scott) will look to win back the pennant!

-Scott Siegel