Hunger Banquet

The Community Service Club hosted a Hunger Banquet this March.  Each of the 80 plus participants took on a specific individual identity (eg. a coffee farmer in Guatemala), and then were sent to one of  three groups:  upper, middle, or lower class.  After a symposium in which various students spoke on issues such as food security and the unequal distribution of food around the world, dinner was served.  The upper class participants were able to sit at nicely arranged tables with waiters, and were treated to a delicious plate of food courtesy of Pine Tavern.  The middle class group sat at humble tables and were able to get some rice and beans at the buffet table.  Finally, the lowest classes sat on the floor, and got to share a big bowl of rice.  This student-run event was able to raise over $800, which is being donated to charity.

The lower class group share a bowl of rice

Mr. Weiss and Ms. Genao were fortunate enough to sit at one of the upper class tables.