More than just a greeting every morning

Principal Alessandro Weiss can always be counted on every morning to greet the students as they enter the building every day.  With a smile, a joke, a  reassurance about a test that day, or some comment on a new shoe acquisition, Mr. Weiss is the official greeter every morning.

The greetings have lately taken on a new twist though.  With concerns over too many students looking tired and disengaged during first period classes, Mr. Weiss felt that breakfast should be even more accessible for those who neglected to get fortified before school.  Now, every morning, with the official HSAS chef’s apron and hat on, and holding a tray of assorted goodies, Mr. Weiss makes sure no student enters the building without knowing what is available for that particular morning.  Will it be purple oat cereal, apple slices, or yogurt?   Every student knows that there is now something to soothe the palette as well as the psyche as they arrive at school!