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Next PTA Meeting (Virtual) is
Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
We will be hold Elections for PTA Board &
SLT Members, All Parents/Guardians
of HSAS Students are Urged To Attend.
If you are interested in running for a position on the
PTA Board of SLT, please contact the PTA
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The PTA is hoping for 100% family participation in it’s annual appeal drive – all donations are greatly appreciated!

Please maximize your contribution by giving via check – you’ll save us the processing fee we must pay on credit card transactions, which can amount to several thousand dollars annually. Of course, you may always donate online through the DONATE NOW button on any of the PTA’s web pages.

Please give what you can, and check to see if your employer has a corporate matching program!

If you have not already done so, please send in your PTA Contribution, it is never too late.  For more information, email us at

2020-21 PTA Executive Board and SLT Parent Members

Elections for your PTA of HSAS, for the school year 2020-2021, were held on September 29, 2020. Here are the final results:

PTA Executive Board
President – Nicole Rothschild
Vice President – Joanna Brody
Co-Recording Secretaries – Nora McCauley & Melanie Perlstein
Co-Treasurers – Jorge Ramirez & Dan Jacob
Co- Chairmen Fundraising – Niki Singh & Eric Weinberg
Communications Secretary – Stephen Friedgood
Members at Large – Kellie Marquet (9th grade), Maria Kiriakova & Sophie Murray

School Leadership Team
Parent Members – Barbara Patchefsky (9th grade), Hanice Pena & Nadine Rothman

Class Parent Representatives
9th Grade – Alina Larson & Melissa Lader
10th Grade – Charlotte Elkin
11th Grade – Jen Unter & Rebekah Metz
12th Grade – Ellen Morrissey

Thank you to everyone for coming out to vote and support the PTA!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

Click Here to to read the PTA President’s welcome letter.

Please take a few minutes to review, and update, your contact information. Click here for hard copy of Parent Contact Form. Click here to submit form online.

Donations to the PTA Support the School, the kids. Please think about what you can afford. Click here for hard copy of Donation Form. Click here to submit form online, or go to our Fundraising Page.

Volunteers are the heart of our PTA.  We need your help! There are many committees and events throughout the year, and, the challenges of this year will stretch our need for volunteers.  Please consider what time you have available.  Click here for a hard copy of Volunteer Form.  Click here to submit form online.

HSAS PTA Meeting Dates 2020-2021

Please check your PTA emails and this website for updates on PTA Virtual meetings.
All parents of HSAS students are encouraged to attend.

Volunteers Needed!

HSAS PTA Welcomes Elected Officials!

Alumni, staff, parents & guardians were on hand last week to welcome State Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and State Senator Jeffrey Klein to HSAS, as we celebrated both our 15th year and the receipt of their generous capital funding. The officials are pictured above with Mr. Weiss, and our PTA Co-Presidents, Alice Lee and Unjoo Noh.

Assemblyman Dinowitz’s $125,000 will purchase new computers, laptops and classroom furniture. The $145,000 from State Senator Klein will upgrade the HVAC system that regulates temperatures throughout the school and will replace the sliding walls in rooms 106-108 to divide the space into truly soundproof zones. In addition, Senator Klein discussed having named HSAS one of his BOOST schools (Building Options and Opportunities for Students), which awards us an additional $16,000 in funding for curricular enrichment.