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Mission Statement

The PTA of the High School of American Studies at Lehman College (HSAS) is comprised of parents and teacher representatives. We welcome and encourage all parents of current students to join our PTA, and to support our efforts as parents by attending our monthly meetings. Please consider further supporting our efforts by participating in our process and by running for open offices as they become available.

The objectives of the PTA are:

  • to provide support and resources to HSAS for the benefit and educational growth of its students
  • to develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and staff of our school
  • to develop parent leadership and build capacity of greater involvement
  • to foster and encourage parent participation on all levels
  • to provide opportunities and training for parents to participate in school governance and decision-making
  • to promote communication with local, city and statewide elected officials

2020 – 2021 Executive Board

President – Nicole Rothschild
Vice President – Joanna Brody
Co-Recording Secretaries – Nora McCauley & Melanie Perlstein
Co-Treasurers – Jorge Ramirez & Dan Jacobs
Co-Chairmen Fundraising – Niki Singh & Eric Weinberg
Communications Secretary – Stephen Friedgood
Members at Large – Kellie Marquet (9th grade), Maria Kiriakova & Sophie Murray

2020 – 2021 School Leadership Team

Parent Members: Barbara Patchefsky (9th grade), Hanice Pena & Nadine Rothman

2020 – 2021 Class Parent Representatives

9th: Alina Larson & Melissa Lader
10th: Charlotte Elkin
11th: Jen Unter & Rebekeh Metz
12th: Ellen Morrissey