February’s Topic – Resolved: The United States federal government should ban single-use plastics.

Congratulations to our Debaters:
Despite the online format, I am thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of our debaters in this month’s debate! Novice speakers Ellery Sarig and Aisling Coleman were recognized as top speakers. Novice teams, Joyce Lee and Shabiha Nusrat, Ellery Sarig and Veronica Mollod, and Aisling Coleman and Zachary Mendez all celebrated winning records. Evelyn Prete was recognized as a top speaker in the Junior Varsity division.

The JV team of Stella Cross and Anabel O’Reilly had a winning record. Varsity teams of Isaac Allen and Alistair Grossman, Mira Goodman, competing as a Maverick and ended the day with winning records. Isaac, Alistair, and Clara Bonifili were recognized as top speakers in the Varsity division.

Great Success at March Debate, Topic  Resolved In the United States, collegiate student-athletes should be classified as employees of their educational institution.

Despite the long haul and rainy weather HSAS Senators arrived ready to meet our nemesis, Midwood High School, on their home turf. Novices Joyce Lee and Shabiha Nusrat had winning records and received top speaker awards. Ellery Sarig was also recognized as a top speaker in his division. Stella Cross and Annabel O’Reilly earned a winning record and will be competing in the championship tournament next month. HSAS Varsity teams excelled in the competition, securing the top three winning records.

1st Place: Mathilda Simons and Sophie Brettschneider
2nd Place: May Brenner and Mira Goodman Singh
3rd Place: Isaac Lipman and Adam Ripp

Speaker awards were earned by:
1st Maya Brenner
2nd Francis Grodsky
3rd Clara Bonifili
4th Mathilda Simons

Congratulation to Arbnor Gashi who participated in his first tournament.

Lastly, a huge thanks to parents David Goodman, Jennifer Hoppa, Karl Metzner, and Jonathan Ripp, for serving as judges during our most recent tournaments. I want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the families for their continued support, encouragement, and partnership. Your involvement truly makes a difference and contributes to the success of our students. Thank you!Srtudents stand shoulder to shoulder displaying debate medals Two students smile and face forward The Debate team stand and sits in rows facing the camera displaying their awards. The Debate team is seated in a partially empty auditorium. The Debate team stand and sits in rows facing the camera displaying their awards.