Our Faculty & Staff

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Teacher of Grammar
hails from: central PA
BA, Swarthmore College
MS Ed., Pace University


Mr. Alessandro Weiss

Teacher of Music
hails from:  the Bronx.
BA, Honors, University of Toronto
PhL, Medieval Philosophy, Universita di San Tommaso in Urbe
MA, Education, City College
MS, Education, Baruch College

Vice Principal

Mr. Martin Olivieri

Front Office

Custodial Engineer

Mr. Rey Pena Maldonado

hails from: Washington Heights

School Safety

Mr. José Liz
x 1999

hails from: The Dominican Republic


School Safety

Ms. Elizabeth Maloney
x 1999

hails from: The Dominican Republic


School Safety

Ms. Elizabeth Ventura
x 1999

hails from: The Bronx


Ms. Maureen Vielandi
x 1003

hails from: The Bronx

Payroll and Purchasing

Ms. Sandra Magneri
x 1003

Pupil Personnel Staff

Special Education Teacher Support Services

Support Services

Ms. Geraldine (Bonita) Hunter

Contact:   paul.sager@lehman.cuny.edu
phone:  917-751-7595

I am an experienced historian, researcher, and editor as well as librarian. I began at HSAS in September 2017 with a mission to mobilize library resources to support teaching and student research. I do this by curating the Virtual Library, by leading customized library workshops, and by providing research consultations by appointment. I am on duty at the Lehman College library on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and can make arrangements for other days when necessary. Please contact me for all instructional and research support needs.

School Librarian

Mr. Paul Sager

hails from: The Bronx

Parent Coordinator

Ms. Paula Fiore
x 1224

hails from: Seoul, S. Korea
BA in Biochemistry, NYU
BS in Nursing, NYU
MDiv, in Biblical and Theological Studies, Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack College

School Nurse

Mr. Daniel Lee, RN
x 1004


hails from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
BA in Literature, University of Iowa
MS in Education, Hunter College
Contact: cteslik@schools.nyc.gov

Ms. Colleen Teslik
x 1222

Guidance Counselor Assistant
Special Needs Coordinator

Ms. Cathy Raimo

hails from: Long Island, NY
BA, Hunter College
MS. Ed, Hunter College
Contact:  mharris4@schools.nyc.gov

“It’s not about getting into college, but being in college.”

Ms. Michelle Harris
x 1221

Teaching Faculty: Art

Advisor of GSA
hails from: Massachusetts
BA, Yale University
MFA, SUNY – Purchase
View Website
Contact: edebethune@schools.nyc.gov or through Jupiter Grades

Ms. Elizabeth deBethune

Teaching Faculty: English

English, AP English Composition
Advisor of Women’s Empowerment Club, Poetry Club
hails from: Westchester County, NY
BA, SUNY – Binghamton
MA, Teacher’s College

Ms. Moira Mosco

English, AP English Literature, Year Book, and Photography
Co-Advisor of Winter Running Club
hails from: San Francisco
BA, Columbia University
MS, Fordham University
Contact:  ms.rockfeld.hsas@gmail.com or through Jupiter Grades

Ms. Pian Rockfeld

Ninth grade English, Poetry, and Grammar
hails from: Chicago, IL
former reporter for The Wall Street Journal
BA, Arizona State University
MS, Journalism, University of Illinois
MS, Education, Fordham University
Contact:  psebastianridge@schools.nyc.gov or through Jupiter Grades

Ms. Pamela Sebastian-Ridge

Teaching Faculty: Foreign Languages

hails from: The Dominican Republic
BS, Union College
MA, The Graduate College
On maternity leave for 2018-19 Academic Year

Ms. Rosanmi Campbell

Ms. Rosanny Genao

Recently taught at Clinton High School
BA and MA from Lehman College
Hails from the Bronx

Ms. Ileana Hallinan

Co-Advisor of the Spanish Honors Society
hails from: The Dominican Republic
BA, ST. Bonaventure University
MA Ed., Hunter College
Contact: VValerio2@schools.nyc.gov or through Jupiter Grades

Mr. Vladimir Valerio

Teaching Faculty: Physical Education and Health

Physical Education and Health
Coach: Co-ed Bowling, Girl’s Basketball and Softball
hails from: Syracuse, NY
BS: SUNY-Cortland
MS in Health: Lehman College
Contact:  Rhondorf@schools.nyc.gov or through Jupiter Grades

Mr. Ryan Hondorf

Athletic Director
Coach: Girl’s Tennis
hails from: Smithtown, NY
head basketball coach for Lehman College
BA, Syracuse University
MS, Ithaca College
Contact:  Steven.Schulman@Lehman.cuny.edu

Mr. Steven Schulman
Class Web Site

Teaching Faculty: Mathematics

HSAS Graduate
B.S. from Haverford College
Masters in Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education
Hails from the Bronx

Ms. Kimberly Benn

Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Combinatorics, Logic
UFT Chapter Leader, Advisor of Drama Club
Program Office Staff
hails from: New Haven, CT
former career as transportation planner
BA, Geology, Lehman College
MS Ed., Lehman College

Mr. Jonathan Halabi
Class Web Site

Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Photography
Club Advisor of Girls Who Code
BA, Lehman College
hails from the Bronx
Contact:  TTaylor.hsas@gmail.com or Jupiter Grades

Ms. Tempestt Taylor

Calculus, Geometry, Algebra II
Technology Coordinator
Program Office Staff
hails from: Zhejiang Province, China
BS, Polytechnic Institute
MS, New York University
Contact:  xxia@schools.nyc.gov or through Jupiter Grades

Mr. Curtis Xia

Teaching Faculty: Science

AP Biology and Science Electives
Coach, Girl’s  Track and Cross Country Teams
BS, Biology and Secondary Education, Seton Hall University
Hails from New Jersey
Graduate of HSAS, Class of 2008
Contact through Jupiter Grades or  email

Ms. Amanda Bollatti

Currently on Sabbatical

Chemistry, Biology, Pathology, and Environmental Ethics
hails from: North Carolina
former medical researcher
BS, NC Central
MS, NC Central
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Contact:  mrholmeshsas07@gmail.com  or through Jupiter Grades

Mr. Michael Holmes

Teacher of Biology
BS and MS from Lehman College
Hails from Yonkers

Ms. Mini Thankachan

hails from: Brooklyn
BA, MA Brooklyn College
Contact:  raphaeluziel@gmail.com  or through Jupiter Grades

Mr. Raphael Uziel

Chemistry & Music
hails from: Waterford, Ireland
Higher Diploma in Education, University College, Cork
MS, Science Education, Lehman College
Contact:  Can be contacted through Jupiter Grades

Ms. Aoife Walsh

Teaching Faculty: Social Studies

9th grade AP American History, Journalism, Architecure
Coach: Cross Country
Advisor of School Newspaper:  Common Sense
Advisor of Arista (Honors Society)
hails from: Roosevelt Island
BA, SUNY – Buffalo
MS Ed, Mercy College
MS Ed, Bank Street College
Contact: melinso3@schools.nyc.gov


Mr. Morgan Elinson
Class Web Site

AP American History and Modern US History:  From Disco to Obama
Senior Advisor, Advisor of Chess Club 
hails from: The Bronx
BA, Fordham University
MS, Mercy College
Contact:  cevans1600@hotmail.com

Mr. Charles Evans

AP American History, 20th Century American Culture,
Conspiracy Theories,  and Student Government
Advisor of Debate Team
hails from: Westchester County, NY
BA, SUNY Purchase
MS, Lehman College
Contact:  can be contacted through Jupiter Grades

Mr. David Iurato

AP American History,  Economics, and 20th Century European History
Coach: Boy’s Tennis
Advisor of Model UN and Literary Magazine:  The Speakeasy
hails from: Brooklyn, NY
former commodities trader and lecturer at Baruch College
BA, Tufts University
MALD, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Contact:  can be contacted through Jupiter Grades

Mr. Arnold Mansdorf

AP World History, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Research, and 9th Grade Advisory
Advisor for Moot Court and Mock Trial
hails from:  New Jersey
career as lawyer before joining HSAS
BA, Emory University
JD, Fordham Law School
Contact:  laurenpeterson717@gmail.com or through Jupiter Grades

Ms. Lauren Peterson

AP World History, 9th grade Global Studies, 9th grade Advisory
Advisor of Community Service Club
hails from: Westchester County, NY
BA, Grinnelll College
MA, Teacher’s College
Contact:  hsasrice@gmail.com or through Jupiter Grades

Ms. Elizabeth Rice

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