Academic Departments


Students take four years of coursework in English, covering pre-Renaissance sometimes literature, post-Renaissance literature, Shakespeare, American literature, English literature, world literature, poetry, and modern drama. Ninth-grade students are required to take one-semester courses in research methodology and grammar. In all our English classes, we emphasize the careful interpretation of literature and the development of college-level, analytic writing skills. Public speaking skills are integrated into the curriculum for each grade. 

Faculty: Ms. A. Crosland; Mr. C. DiGruccio; Ms. M. Mosco; Ms. P. Rockfeld; Mr. A. Weiss


Students take four years of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. Eligible students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement Calculus (AB) as well as elective courses in other subjects. In all classes, students work to develop both the conceptual understanding and the skills necessary for advanced study in this field and applications to other areas of study. 

Faculty: Ms. S. Chowdhury; Ms. C. Kinney; Ms. A. Pak; Ms. T. Taylor; Mr. X. Xia

Physical Education & Health

Students take coursework in Health and Phys Ed while enrolled at the high school. Identifying the specific needs of students as they relate to this discipline and then offering opportunities to explore their potential is the focus of the program

Faculty: R. Hondorf and S. Schulman

Art, Music and Dance

Students must take two semesters of instruction in music, usually completed in Grade 10, and two semesters of instruction in art, usually completed in Grade 11. 

Faculty: Ms. A. Vivaldi; Mr. Elinson; Ms. S. Solomon; Mr. M. Olivieri

Social Studies

Students complete three years of study in Advanced Placement United States History. Students also take two years of Advanced Placement World History, as well as required courses in government and economics. HSAS offers interested students a series of courses and activities in criminal and constitutional law as well as in other elective subjects. In all social studies courses, students study history from multiple points of view, using primary source documents. The aim is to foster the development of college-level skills in research and analysis. Annual trips, both within New York City and to other American cities, help to enrich the curriculum and make history “come alive” for our students.

Faculty: Mr. M. Elinson; Mr. C. Evans; Mr. D. Iurato; Mr. A. Mansdorf; Ms. L. Peterson; Ms. E. Rice; Ms. J. Waite Johnson


Students complete three years of required laboratory science courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Advanced students may elect to take an AP science course or another elective, either at HSAS or Lehman College. Above all, teachers work to help students develop analytic skills and laboratory methodology to be prepared for college-level study in this discipline.

Faculty: Ms. A. Bollati; Mr. M. Holmes, Ms. S. Solomon; Ms. M. Thankachan; Ms. A. Walsh; Mr. B. Yanek

Foreign Language

Students are required to complete three years of study in Spanish. Regardless of the level at which students begin, they must still complete three years of coursework at the High School of American Studies. The aim is to develop student’s skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students are also introduced to culture and civilization through the use of relevant literature, films, music, newspapers, and periodicals. In junior and senior year, students may take courses at Lehman College in other languages, such as French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, or Mandarin. 

Faculty: , Mr. R. Cappelan; Mr. A. Pena; Mr. V. Valerio