With our school schedule for June being altered this year we did not have our annual Frosh Awards celebration. Usually held on the last day of school in late June, each year we all have gathered in the Gillette Hall auditorium where teachers then distribute certificates and gifts recognizing student achievement.

In lieu of that event we are celebrating members of the Frosh Class here on this page. This is a phenomenal frosh class and these award winners represent our grade’s work ethic and achievement during the 2023-’24 school year.

Award recipients may click on their name and view their certificates as pdfs. These files are also easy to print for “refrigerator” display purposes ; )

(If viewing this page on a phone or handheld device, you will need to turn landscape view to see the page clearly.)

AP American History:
Most Outstanding: Josephine Levy & Gabriel Perez
Most Growth as a Learner: Knightley Blandino
History Enthusiast: Sebastian Kopp

AP World History (Rice):
Most Outstanding: Leif Rideout & Laurel Shaffer
Most Growth as a Learner: Tristan Pinelli

AP World History (Waite-Johnson):
Most Outstanding: Ellery Sarig & Sage Hyman
World History Enthusiast: Fatima Guerrero

Honors English:
Most Outstanding: Selma Mazower & Aidan Engel
Most Growth as a Learner: Samuel Guevara
                                                          & Declan Olds

Honors Spanish Language:
Most Outstanding: Ela Oksoy
Most Growth as a Learner: Neha Pal
Excellence in Spanish: Veronica Mollod


Outstanding Grammarian: Lior Austrian-Jacobs
Outstanding Grammarian: Izzy Lindner

Most Outstanding: Eric Quan

Phys Ed & Health:
Most Outstanding PE: Fletcher Eastwood
& Kai Aragaki

Most Outstanding Health: Neha Pal
                                     & Veronica Mollod

Honors Biology:
Most Outstanding: Kledy Pjetrani & En-Jia Wu
Most Growth as a Learner: Abigail Na
Biology Enthusiast: Ansoumane Camara

Honors Geometry:
Most Outstanding: Keira Elinson
Most Growth as a Learner: Max Markarian
Math Enthusiast: Naomi Redlener

Honors Alegbra:
Most Outstanding: Declan Olds
Most Growth as a Learner: Gabriel Pucha
Math Enthusiast: Noah Heng: