Welcome to the Guidance Information Page

At the High School of American Studies at Lehman College, both Ms. Paquette and Ms. Teslik counsel students and families as well as provide college advisement and counseling. Please check the website frequently for updated news, events, and bulletins.

Our contact information:

Lara Paquette
School Counselor/College Advisor
Phone: (718) 329-2144 ext. 1222
Fax: (718)329-0792

9th Graders:  Adams-Islam
10th Graders:  Abell-Korinman
11th graders:  Ahmed-Emma Li
12th graders:  Abell-Kassim

Colleen Teslik
School Counselor/College Advisor
Phone:  (718) 329-2144  ext. 1221

9th Graders:  Jiminez-Zimba
10th Graders: Kraemer-Yu
11th graders:  Jason Li-Zayd
12th graders: Kotchev-Zakashansky

The College Application Process

The college application process is an important part of helping students find success beyond HSAS. We aim to match students with a college or university that meets their academic needs as well as fulfills their interests and career goals. View our College Applications Handbook.

Requesting a Lehman College Transcript: This link will direct you to the Registrar office at Lehman College

Requesting a High School Transcript for non-college purposes: Update Coming!